If  I were to put my work into one category, it would be "street
photography".  My personal approach toward this ultimate of visual
arts is to take my camera with me wherever I decide to explore and
photograph the beautiful, poignant, spiritual, and amusing visions
I encounter.

Though my infatuation with the camera began as a child, my
preoccupation with photography began when I traveled to Romania in
2005 on a Habitat for Humanity trip with friends and family to help a
low-income family renovate their apartment.  The profound nature of
the trip seemed to instill in me a more conscious observation of life
which I now exercise in all areas of my craft.
Richard Nesbit Photography 2015 - All Rights Reserved
      The professional aspect of my photographic
journey began when I returned to New York.  
My work inspired a friend to design a website
with my photos.  This brought interest from
various friends and acquaintances who
encouraged me to sell my work at different
charity events.  Private collectors also
purchased my work.

Eventually the website was noticed by
administrators at the Carl Zeiss Lens
corporation in Thornwood, New York.  
Their interest resulted in them purchasing
over 100 canvas prints of various images
from New York, Eastern Europe, and South
Carolina in an eclectic, yet harmonious collection that still grace the walls of their hallways, offices, and
conference rooms. They even hung a few images in their shipping room!


 From that time on I have sold my photos in
cafes and lounges throughout the city.
I have been hired as an event photographer
for parties and weddings, have been
commissioned for portraits and head shots.  
In 2013 I published a book of my
photography with celebrated quotes.

 My bachelor's degree from Hofstra
University is in drama.  I started college at
Point Park College in Pittsburgh where I
originally studied Journalism.  At that time in
my life photography was nothing but a minor
interest, yet in retrospect I understand how
my interests have all culminated into the
work I am doing today.
Thank-you for visiting my website.  
I hope you enjoy surfing the site as much as I enjoyed putting it together.